Creative thinker, strategic doer. Diana is a footwear designer, based in Milan, with a seven years experience supporting emerging and established brands from all around the world. Guiding them through more innovative designs while respecting mother earth.

Everything we do starts by challenging the status quo, by making things different and improving them so that we can achieve the results you are looking for. Everything starts by understanding YOU as a client and your DNA as a brand, just then, the creative process begins, by creating a specific trend report to adapt the collection to your target audience wants and needs and to the brands’ aims.

Whether you are looking for the best quality leather, new and innovative materials, eco-sustainable ones, small quantities or even no minimum quantities, accessories and components, we can help you create your own network of collaborators that will help you achieve your goals as a company.

Being based in Italy gives us the opportunity to be in touch with one of the biggest and most important cultures of craftsmanship in the world. Whether you are looking for a big production hub or a small artisan, compare best quality and price offerings that suits your company’s needs, or to ensure quality control and respect of timing during production, we can help you.

Business essentials to kick-off your ideas in the real world!

Intended to guide designers, architects, artists or solo-entrepreneurs, who don’t have a solid base in business, communication and/or sales, but who do have a good idea or product that they would like to launch or make it stand out in the market.

We have a responsibility towards future generations to leave them a planet that is as good, or hopefully better, than the one we inherited ourselves. There is no planet B!

To create sustainable fashion in a way that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, that’s the objective.