«Ours is a world of looming challenges and increasingly limited resources. Sustainable development offers our best chance to adjust our course»

Ban Ki-Moon

I firmly believe that scheming highly expensive options that do not involve us as agents of change will never solve the sustainability issue in the fashion and footwear industry. Choosing smaller initiatives that holistically consider the environment as well as our social needs, will work.

That is why I have promised myself to committed change and evolution, to constantly assess the ways in which I work and create and how I can do better each day. With my brand I honor my path, my beliefs and my intentions since it serves me as a bridge to help others join the path that will reshape our future. 

As a fashion designer I believe that sustainability should be treated as an intrinsic part of the design process and that the fashion industry should pledge to respect the environment, commit to transparency and balance aesthetics, functionality and ethics.

I know this is the truth: Sustainability and profits can go hand in hand. Us, as entrepreneurs, must help and motivate each other to achieve, not only our business goals, but also those goals that take into account our environment and society. We can’t keep postponing this transformation; it is time for us to decide to be part of the greater good. 

And I’ll tell you something else: we are just getting started!