We want to unleash the full potential of brands through Italian design, and sustainable processes and materials, driving positive change through a collaborative effort of environmental and social stewardship.

We want you to explore beyond the first layers of your brand so you can challenge the status quo while remaining true to its DNA.

Having a fashion and footwear brand and understanding the behind the scenes of it can be really challenging.

When I started my brand and my practice as a design consultant, I realized there were many things that I didn’t know about being a creative entrepreneur. I didn’t now either that 80% of chances to make a product more sustainable relied under the shoulders of the design team. Nor I knew basic things such as strategizing and establishing KPIs.

That is why I have gathered my +10 years experience in the fashion and footwear industry and created various solutions to guide entrepreneurs and brands through the path of establishing themselves (or restablishing) as leading brands that excel at the tripple bottom line, also known as the 3Ps (people, planet, profits).


Personalized guidance at the highest level. Diana takes the mentee hand on hand through the process of launching or reinforcing their own brand.

The paradigm shift from a consumerist culture towards one that is aware of the impact that industries have on the planet is at our doorstep and we can be part of it!

Sustainability is one of the qualities that has gained the most interest when valuing a brand mainly because we, as a society, have begun to internalize its importance to guarantee responsible production.

The Sustainable Pattern is a corporate workshop aiming at instructing the decision-makers of the company in social and environmental sustainability. Each workshop is tailor made for the brand depending on their needs and sector they operate.

Business essentials to kick-off your ideas in the real world!

This program is intended to guide anyone who is willing to kick-off a brand and doesn’t have a solid base in business, communication and/or sales.

Having no prior experience in business shouldn’t keep you from making use of that idea you have for a service or a product, so do it, do it right and make it stand out in the market!

Don’t take our word for it…



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