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Mentorships one-on-one are a complete guidance at the highest level where Diana takes the mentee hand on hand through the process of launching or reinforcing their own brands.

During the one-on-one sessions, Diana scans your company, understands your objectives, and guides the sessions to help you achieve the desired results. Only 100 hours a year are dedicated by Diana to these one-on-one sessions.

Tailored to your needs!

✓ Get the insights you are looking for from the fashion and footwear industry;
✓ Resolve some doubts on how to set up a fashion or shoes brand;
✓ Ask about the structure of your collection and get recommendations on how to make it more effective;
✓ Get tips on how to handle production, factories and suppliers in general;
✓ Speak about business strategy with recommendations from our experience;
✓ Get tips on how to launch, sell, and find B2B and B2C clients;
✓ Speak about anything related to fashion and footwear.

How does it wok?


Select the amount of consultancy hours you need,


Proceed to the checkout,


You will receive an email with the confirmation and a calendar to set the date and time to start your sessions.

Hourly packs

1 h

To be used within a month from the purchase

3 h

(€116 per hour)
To be used within 3 months from the purchase.

5 h

(€110 per hour)
To be used within 6 months from the purchase.

10 h

(€100 per hour)
To be used within 12 months from the purchase.

After you have applied and are accepted to work with Diana one-on-one, you will receive an email 

within 48 hours to set up your first meeting with her.