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We want to spark some change in the way we produce meaningful articles through transformative design

Diana Yanes Consulting is a design consulting firm based in Milan, specialized in sustainability, innovation and product management. We work side by side with emerging and established brands to regenerate and transform their collections with the help of alluring design that gives a rightful place to sustainability.
To work on the sustainable side of things means to not only understand the problem and the solution, but also to understand how the solution is being perceived.

«In a world where sustainability is among the most valuable assets a company can have, we integrate ethics, aesthetics, and innovation into real, unique, and inspiring solutions for the entire footwear industry»


Working as a design consultant in the fashion industry since 2011, Diana is a creative thinker and strategic doer with a curious mind that has led her through four continents, making her passionate about eclectic styles. A mix of bright colors and bold combinations with clean shapes in everyday sartorial fashion is her signature as a designer.

Due to this broad recollection of experiences, together with her upbringing in Venezuela, Diana has also channeled her interest for design through sustainability, social inclusion and empowerment in one single project: Diana Yanes Consulting, aiming to offer authentic, genuine, innovative, and sustain- ability-driven solutions to companies in the industry.

Since 2015 Diana started working in sustainability through a social integration program, training male detainees to stitch. In this laboratory she started experimenting with upcycling projects, which she is very passionate about and is willing to integrate more in her work.

With the aim of making Diana Yanes Consulting grow and have more tools to help its clients, Diana started pursuing an MBA in Sustainable Luxury Management in 2021.

Aside from work, Diana is also a mother to Martina and a partner to Massimiliano. Her family is the driving force to everything she does

Diana Yanes

At Diana Yanes Consulting, our wide variety of projects and our clients’ requests are possible thanks to a network of collaborators with different kind of expertise that allow us to handle the entire footwear process. From trend forecasting, materials research, shoes and garments design, prototype and production, to copywriting, branding, graphic design, website creation, 3D renders, and  much more.

Something beautiful about our team we want to share with you…

Although the thousands of kilometers between all of us and the time difference, we have managed to set up an international team, from east to west, putting up not just a multicultural and diverse team, but also a kilometer zero one!

Diana Yanes Consulting commits to creating superior customer value by guiding companies in the fashion and footwear industry to develop their brands while implementing transparent and accountable holistic approaches along the value chain to meet the sustainability requirements of the end-user while gaining competitive advantages.


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