The next big thing in design is circularity. A radical, restorative, regenerative approach that encourages sufficiency, or better said, longlasting products, rather than built in obsolescence.

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At Diana Yanes Consulting, we want to unleash the full potential of brands through Italian design, and sustainable processes and materials, driving positive change through a collaborative effort of environmental and social stewardship. We want you to explore beyond the first layers of your brand so you can challenge the status quo while remaining true to its DNA.

Diana’s collections have been showcased in international trade shows such as White Milano (Milan), Micam (Milan), Altaroma (Rome), Pitti (Florence), Premier Classe (Paris), Guangdong Fashion Fair (Gouangzhou) and Mode (Shanghai).

“The success of a collection relies on the creation of a strong concept, depicted through unique colors, shapes and materials that still manage to comply with people and the environment”


  • We immerse ourselves in your brand’s DNA and goals.
  • We study your target audience and to understand their wants and needs.
  • We individuate the best trends and ideat the concept of the
    collection. The deliverable is a moodboard rich in images, colors, and possible materials from Italian suppliers.
  • Once the concept has been approved by the brand, we start designing the collection. Two rounds of modifications are estimated unless previously established.
  • Final collections are consigned with 2D renders, tech packs
    and spec sheets to be handed to the factory.

The seasonal trade shows from the fashion and shoes industry are Lineapelle, Micam, Milano Unica, and Premier Vision.

As a more sustainable way of designing and prototyping, we give also the possibility of making 3D renders of the pieces we design. Here some reasons why you should try them:

  • You become part of the waste solution we are currently trying to achieve in the fashion and footwear industry to drastically reduce CO2 emissions;
  • You avoid useless transportation of persons, materials, and final products for approval. Since 3D renders can be shared online, you can have them in uniformity all over the world;
  • You can develop it in real size and with real proportions to avoid mistakes in pattern making;
  • If you already have a brand, you would know how difficult it is to have samples on time, especially if you are a small brand. With 3D renders, you avoid delay from the producers end, plus you save a significant amount of money;
  • You have a cool digital asset to make your company stand out, and which can be shared in multiple digital channels;
  • You can work with collaborators from all around the world and still be considered kilometer zero;
  • Virtual reality has become a growing showcase space for designers to help customers make tangible digital images.

We can also design 3D renders to create a physical store that will allow the client to have a more exciting experience.


Each footwear, accesories, and garments production is unique on its own, and we can help you achieve the results you are looking for. From getting you in touch with big production hubs, small artisans, classic shoemakers, sneaker producers, made-to-measure tailors, or garment factories; to help you compare best quality and price offerings, and ensure production timing, from prototyping and sampling, to final production.

To better understand how we can help you, we have created a chart with all the possible scenarios we could work together:   


Technical charts

Materials research

Components research

New shoe last development

Prototypes and samples

Suppliers management

Production management















For inquiries and quotations, you can get in touch, to know more about each production process step, you can visit our FAQ.


Sustainability is a very broad term, and it means not just to understand the problem and the solution, but to also understand how the solution is being perceived.


A tailor made a service that adapts to your company’s needs. Starting from  measuring the life-cycle-assessment of your products to understand how to make it more friendly, either it is environmentaly friendly, socialy friendly, or both.

Sustainability for us is measurable, aesthetic, and accessible!



We establish together your sustainability goals


With an external software, our team measures the life-cycle-assessment of your products to understand the current social and environmental impact


Out of our worldwide low-environmental impact and socially friendly materials’ library we suggest materials, parts, and components to replace the current ones. Please note that materials, parts, and components selected are in the same price range and should have a similar look and feel to your original materials


We measure again the products’ life-cycle-assessment to account for the


The marketing department comes into place to understand all the process and how to communicate it appropriately and in easy-to-digest content

Diana Yanes Consulting commits to creating superior customer value by guiding brands to develop and implement transparent and accountable holistic approaches along the value chain to meet sustainability from a triple bottom line.

A single action can’t change the world, though it’s certain that it has an impact. Determining its success is crucial to decide whether to continue doing it, improve it, or drop it. It is a matter of understanding the nature of change.


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