Leaving a positive impact in the world through the fashion industry

The paradigm shift from a consumerist culture towards one that is aware of the impact that industries have on the planet is at our doorstep and we can be part of it!

Sustainability is one of the qualities that has gained the most interest when valuing a brand mainly because we, as a society, have begun to internalize its importance to guarantee responsible production.

Being sustainable requires a collective effort, and such efforts should be viewed as a collaboration rather than a competition.

The Sustainable Pattern is a corporate workshop that arises as an initiative to help any-size brand, creatives and entrepreneurs to enter the world of sustainable design and manufacturing from a didactic approach, based on the tripple bottom line: society, environment, and economics.

The Sustainable Pattern has a standard structure, but can be
complemented according to the company’s needs and sector. It aims at guiding the decision makers in each company through touching important aspects such as traceability, transparency, circular economy, low-impact materials, eco-innovation, life cycle assessment management, social fairness, certifications, EU regulations, and much more. Some of our key suppliers are mentioned throught the workshop.

“Sustainability requires a collective effort, and such efforts should be viewed as a collaboration rather than a competition”

With this workshop you will be able to:

✓ Learn about the impact your decisions have on the planet and society, and how to mitigate them in order to have a more
sustainable fashion and footwear industry;
✓ Make better decisions in terms of materials, components, production processes and partnerships;
✓ Understand how those practices can benefit my business and how to get the most out of them in terms of regulations;
✓ Learn how to communicate your best practices without greenwashing;
✓ Have a more conscious brand;
✓ Be part of the change.

The base program

  • Introduction to sustainability;
  • Raw materials (natural, cellulosic, and synthetic fibers; leather, and byproducts);
  • Parts, components, production process, and packaging;
  • Circular economy and life cycle assessment;
  • Energy and water;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • EU regulations and programmes.

This is the base workshop, but it is possible to adjust it to the company’s needs according also to the sector the work in.

The current total duration in 9 hours and the time distribution depends on each company. The workshop can be done in presence or through Zoom.

Learn how to make a more sustainable fashion industry and be part of the change!


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