Everything in a stylish parka: 14 internal pockets, 7k for travel essentials.

The FlyOn Jacket makes traveling a breeze!

We are the first multi-functional jacket designed to replace your carry-on while saving lots of money and stress.

Wear To Fly Opt In English

Launching on Indiegogo, May 28th.

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Multi-functional travel clothing for smart packing
  • Are you a low-cost frequent flyer tired of the elevated carry-on costs and luggage restrictions, and are looking for a solution to it? 
  • Are you the first in line at the counter so the airline doesn’t check your bag in due to lack of space in the cabin?
  • How many times have you pushed your carry-on in the baggage measuring tool and heard that it is out of measure and you need to pay for it?
  • Are you one of those constantly looking for efficient packing tips to travel hands-free?
  • If you have little kids… how stressful is it to stroll carry-ons while chasing them around the airport?


We are launching soon on Kickstarter.

Smart packing with travel jacket

FlyOn Jacket has been designed for conscious travelers looking for smart packing solutions to avoid paying luggage fees and save spending money for their trip. It is the perfect travel buddy for people looking for hands-free travel gear to be worn in any occasion. It’s also the perfect solution for those parents who are tired of having multiple bags, backpacks, carry-ons, and toys in hand, and still having to chase their playful kids around the airport. 

If you feel related, we hear you, and that’s why we have designed the FlyOn Jacket! It will be launched through Kickstarter. If you want to keep posted, hit the button below and we will keep you posted!

10% Seaqual marine plastic (from plastic marine litter) & 90% post-consumer PET from land sources



Navy blue





Together for a clean ocean!

The Seaqual Yarn is a high quality 100% post-consumer recycled polyester containing Upcycled Marine Plastic from Seaqual Initiative. It contains approximately 10% Upcycled Marine Waste (marine litter), the remaining 90% is post-consumer PET from land sources. Seaqual is 100% traced, and that is why we have signed a licensee agreement, so we can continue tracing the use of this upcycled material.

Compared to virgin polyester, Seaqual Yarn saves:

  • 36% less CO2 emissions
  • 34% less water consumption
  • 39% less energy consumption

Seaqual is GRS and OEKO-TEX call 100 certified.


We will never be able to give back everything that has been given to us, 
but we will try as much as we can until the very end!

For the purchase of each jacket, we are donating 1% of our profits and splitting them between the following associations:

The Ocean Cleanup, is an international non-profit project developing and scaling technologies to rid the oceans of plastic.

Chamos, a Venezuelan NGO improving the health and education of unprivileged children and young people in Venezuela.

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Wear To Fly Opt In English