At Diana Yanes Consulting we want to empower the fashion entrepreneur by helping them to transform their ideas into a feasible business reality.

We aim to impulse the entrepreneurs to build sustainable and creative brands that reach their objetive and last long in the market, having Diana´s +10 years of experience in the fashion and footwear industry as a starting point.

With our workshops you will get a 360° view of the behind the scenes of having a brand, from creating the business plan and conceptualizing a collection, to building a sustainable company.

Check out our workshops and start your brand today!

Business essentials to kick-off your ideas in the real world!

Intended to guide designers, architects, artists or solo-entrepreneurs, who don’t have a solid base in business, communication and/or sales, but who do have a good idea or product that they would like to launch or make it stand out in the market.

Unleash your creative potential in a business world. Learn how to set your brands DNA, the ABC of creating a collection and the creative process behind it.

Be part of the paradigm shift in the fashion industry, learn to build sustainable brands that produce value for society and the environment.