This program is intended to guide designers,
architects, artists or solo-entrepreneurs

who don’t have a solid base in business, communication and/or sales, but who do have a good idea or product that they would like to launch or make it stand out in the market.

Any idea can be good, just if well executed! That is why, after more than 7 years of working as a design consultant and seeing so many brands struggling in reaching the next level, Diana has decided to create the Coaching Program, designed by professionals from each field, and simplified to help the entrepreneur kick-off the first phase of the project. The aim is to create a company that stands out in the market through it’s recognizability and that grows organically through a sales strategy aligned to your needs.

Here is how we structure the program:

  1. Business plan ideation, let’s start from the foundation;
  2. Managing company expenses, how to allocate & optimize your budget.
  3. Content strategy, the basis to establish a solid communication with your target audience and market;
  4. Communication presentation;
  5. CRM strategy, how to make new clients and how to organize the workflow;
  6. Company presentation;